• Sjur Grønningsæter

    Sjur Grønningsæter

    Head of UX @ Aprila Bank. Hooked on the web and tech stuff. I’m trying to have a life in the real world as well…

  • Dan Craddock

    Dan Craddock

    Government digital professional. User research, content strategy and design, UI design, performance analysis.

  • Roxanne Gordon

    Roxanne Gordon

  • Jeannie Hill

    Jeannie Hill

  • kaylan Gibson

    kaylan Gibson

  • Akira Eli Motomura

    Akira Eli Motomura

  • Josh Anderson

    Josh Anderson

    Information architect. Portfolio at https://joshanderson.me/

  • Jon Galloway

    Jon Galloway

    I like computers and think someday others will, too. I am part of @HerdingCode podcast. I work for Microsoft but speak for myself.

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